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Back-to-School Garage Safety

Check Out Our Back-to-School Special!

For only $99, you can get a LiftMaster keypad safety inspection. This is the best way to make sure that your keypad is in good working order for this school year.

It's That Time of Year – Back-to-School Preparations

It’s the time of year to begin making back-to-school preparations. For some of us, the school semester is just about to begin, and for others, it’s already started back. Whatever the case may be, now’s a good time to start turning your mind towards all the things you’ve put off over the summer while the kids were at home.

Why LiftMaster Garage Door Keypad Repair?

So why should your garage door be considered on the long list of stuff to do? Simple! If your keypad isn’t operating correctly, you can’t get into your garage. This, of course, will completely throw off your whole day.
If your keypad is faulty, it could stop working altogether. Then you’ll be trapped in your garage, making your kids late to school and you late to work. And then you’ll need to quickly schedule a repair, which may not be at the most convenient time.
Proactively avoid this situation by scheduling a keypad safety inspection now! You can set it up for a time that works perfectly with your schedule. And since the kids will be in school, you can devote your full attention to your keypad without worrying about them.
Garage Door Safety Repair Lancaster Ohio
With our back-to-school special, you can enter the new school year knowing that your garage door keypad is working properly. You can spend your time thinking about more important things than whether or not your garage door keypad works.
In addition, if you have older kids that get dropped off by the bus, you’ll want to make sure they can get inside safely. If your keypad isn’t working correctly your kids will be locked outside, which could prove dangerous. You’ll want the peace of mind that everything is functioning as it should.
Another important aspect to consider is the security of the keypad. You don’t want anyone to hack into the system and break into your home that way. That’s why our safety inspection ensures that your keypad is safe and secure from potential threats.

What Else Do I Need?

If you already have a technician coming to your home to inspect your keypad, it’s a great time to have your entire garage door inspected. Our experienced technicians can give your garage door a full tune-up and door balance test.
This is a great way to get your entire garage door in good shape for at least a year. You won’t need to worry about anything happening for a while when you get a tune-up with Dr. Door.

You could also consider getting an upgrade for your garage door opener during this time. A new garage door opener can completely change the way your garage door operates. You could get a quieter, stronger, more durable opener that will last longer.

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With all the new safety and security features that these openers offer, you can have a top-of-the-line opener that keeps your possessions and vehicles safe and secure.

Contact Us to Take Advantage of Our Special

If you’re ready to take advantage of this limited-time offer for LiftMaster keypad safety inspection, contact Dr. Door! LiftMaster is one of the best opener brands around, and you can rely on them to get quality materials. Contact us to get your keypad thoroughly inspected. We’ll make sure everything is in good working order for this school year. Call us today at 740-777-2262 and we’ll head to you!

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