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How To Lubricate a Garage Door

Updated on August 26, 2022 1:32 pm

Tutorial From Dr. Door

Tyler from Dr. Door coming is here to provide step-by-step tutorial on how to lubricate a garage door. Regularly lubricating your garage door is important to make sure parts run smoothly without grinding against each other or building up rust. This makes your garage door quieter and extends the life of your rollers, tracks, and springs. Follow these simple instructions to have your garage door running like new!

Step 1: Purchase the Right Product

Purchase a silicone-based spray lubricant; I like to use 3-In-One. You can purchase this at any hardware or big box store near you. 

Step 2: Rollers

Identify your stem and roller as shown in the video. Inside your stem (or the track of the door), you’ll find rollers that have ball-bearings. This is the area where you want to spray the lubricant. Go ahead and follow that line down, spraying the ball-bearings on each roller. Remember a little goes a long way!

Step 3: Hinges

On the back of your garage door, you’ll see hinges that connect the panels. Lubricate each hinge by putting your finger on one side of the open tube and spraying through that opening. Most doors have 9-12 hinges.

Step 4: End Bearing

Follow the metal tube above the garage door, ending in the cable drum. On the other side of this is your end bearing. Spray just a little lube on the other side of this part. Repeat this on the end bearing at the opposite side of your garage door. 

Step 5: Springs

Torsion springs (as shown in the video) will be located above your garage door. Dust these with lubrication all along the front. Extension springs will be located on either side of your garage door, installed vertically, and can be lubricated with the same method.

Let Dr. Door Perform Your Garage Door Maintenance!

We hope this tutorial on how to lubricate a garage door was helpful to you! If you need garage door maintenance or repair in the areas of Lancaster, Pickerington, or Canal Winchester OH, don’t hesitate to give the experts at Dr. Door a call!

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