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What You Need To Know About Garage Door Replacement

Do you remember what it was like house hunting for your new home?  Pulling up to house after house in search of the perfect layout, square footage, and amenities that would benefit you and your family?  If your experience was anything like the one my wife and I had, you probably looked at many houses before finding one that truly felt like home.

I still remember pulling up to look at our home for the first time and thinking, “Hmm… it’s nice enough, but that garage door definitely needs to be replaced.”  Even my wife commented that the door had a few dings on the exterior and didn’t add much to the home’s curb appeal.  

Once we were actually inside the garage and saw that it was a non-insulated door, I knew replacing it would be inevitable.  It wasn’t that the garage door was cheap, but it was old, worn, and not doing much to insulate the garage itself.  After relaying this information to my wife, she immediately wanted to know the cost of garage door replacement — our budget was pretty tight, and there were other pressing updates and issues that needed to be addressed with this home as well.  This is when my knowledge of garage doors and ROI came into play.

Garage Door Replacement
New Garage Doors

Garage Door Replacement and ROI

ROI, also known as return on investment, is important to keep in mind when making updates to your home.  With the trend of home improvement and house flipping television programs on the rise, many people believe that updating kitchens and bathrooms will get them the most bang for their buck.  Unfortunately, if you look at the data from www.remodeling.hw.net for the past three years, garage door replacement actually has one of the highest ROI percentages of any home remodeling project.

Remodeling.hw.net’s 2021 Cost vs. Value report shows that while completing a major kitchen remodel recoups 57.4% of the cost and a mid-range bathroom remodel in Columbus will recoup 60.1%, garage door replacement has an 93.8% cost recoup.  This means that while replacing your door can seem expensive if you invest $2,000 in a new door, you will end up with approximately $1,860 back when you sell your home.  Those are some pretty good margins, especially if you end up staying there for several years!  Now factor in the energy efficiency an insulated door can bring to your home, and you will find yourself saving even more money long-term.

Going over the numbers with my wife helped her realize that while the initial cost of garage door replacement can sometimes seem high, the long-term value a new door brings to a home is well worth it.  Not only will your door be less likely to have problems, but you can give your home a custom look while adding curb appeal and overall resale value.

Garage Door Replacement Near Lancaster OH

When you’re ready to discuss your options for garage door replacement near Lancaster OH, choose the experts at Dr. Door Company. We serve all of Fairfield County with quality garage door services. We’d love to discuss your options for new doors, and how this home improvement project can improve your home’s value. Contact us for more information!