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Spring Cleaning… Your Garage Door?

We all know about the tradition of “spring cleaning,” but have you ever thought about how that applies to your garage?  More specifically, can it apply to your garage door?

Now I’m not saying to take a sponge, some soapy water, and wash down your garage door. Instead, I’m suggesting you have your garage door inspected this spring.  Many people don’t realize garage door maintenance and inspections can happen outside of a standard home inspection.  A 25-point inspection can save you and your family some money by identifying any repairs that may be necessary for the longevity and safety of your garage door.

Reasons to Schedule Garage Door Maintenance

Strut Replacement

One of the most common repairs made to garage doors requires putting a strut on the inside of a garage door.  Struts can help keep a door panel intact for a longer period of time than just leaving a panel in its damaged state.  A 25-point inspection can find the wear and tear that caused damage in the first place and prevent you from having to spend money on a strut, which is a temporary fix for a more serious problem.  Imagine spending money on a strut, only to have your door panel rip a few months later; now you’ll have to spend even more to replace your entire door.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Another area a 25-point inspection looks at is your garage door springs.  A spring is typically good for around 10,000 cycles.  That means if you use your door only twice a day, it should last around 8-10 years.  While this is a great lifespan for a spring to support the weight of a garage door, it can be a scary experience when a spring breaks.  Not only does it sound similar to a shotgun blast (which is scary in itself), but realizing your car is stuck in your garage when you need to be on your way to work or heading out to meet with friends makes you feel helpless and quite literally stuck.  Garage door maintenance considers the age of the spring, the weight of the door, and the condition the spring is in to make recommendations regarding replacement.  The sense of relief that comes with knowing you won’t find your car stuck at an inconvenient time is worth the cost of replacement.

Safety Eyes

A final important area included in garage door maintenance is the condition of your garage door safety eyes.  Years ago, safety eyes were not required when installing a garage door.  Unfortunately, that poses a risk to you and your family — including your pets.  By first making sure your garage door has safety eyes and then making sure they are working properly, this component of an inspection can literally be life-saving. This can also be an important part of a garage door opener repair appointment

Set Up Your Garage Door Maintenance Appointment

While you probably don’t think about your garage door when spring rolls around each year, it’s never a bad idea to complete some preventative garage door maintenance.  Just like you get an oil change or tire rotation regularly on your car, you want to take the same care for your garage door in order to make it last and ensure the safety of you and your family. Do you think it’s time to schedule garage door maintenance with a local professional, contact the experts at Dr. Door Company! We would be happy to perform a 25-point inspection on your entire garage door system, ensuring your door will last for years to come with the best functionality.