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How Your Garage Can Be a Multi-Purpose Room


When your home starts to feel a little too small or you need another room in your house, money is the first thing that comes to mind.  Should you move?  Build an addition?  Finish the basement?  These are all options that tend to be very costly when adding more space to your home. Have you thought about repurposing your garage?

A U.S. Department of Energy study concluded that 25% of homeowners with 2-car garages don’t actually use their garages to park their cars. So how are people using this space?  Let’s look at a few popular options.


A double car garage can take up 13 – 15% of a home’s square footage.  That is a LOT of functional space!  Whether you add cabinetry, shelving, or those new hanging ceiling shelves, using your garage for storage can keep your home from feeling too cramped.


My father-in-law taught industrial technology for many years and found himself with a lot of woodworking equipment when he and his family moved to central Ohio.  This was a slight headache at first; the family was going from a full basement to a partial basement, and he couldn’t bear the thought of getting rid of his tools.  When he saw the garage, he realized he had plenty of room for a mini-workshop, lawn care equipment, and a vehicle.

Home Gym

Every January, many people commit to improving their health.  For some, they join a gym; others can’t afford the cost of a gym membership or feel more comfortable working out at home.  Your garage just needs some cushioned floor mats and a mirror or two to become your own personal gym with plenty of room and privacy.

Entertainment Space

It hadn’t crossed my mind to use the garage for entertainment until I saw a few examples in my own neighborhood.  Garages can hold televisions, which could come in handy if you are looking to make a “man cave” or “she shed,” but want the convenience of being close to the kitchen or a bathroom.  I’ve seen couches set up to watch OSU games from the comfort of the garage while staying out of the elements.  Keeping parties in the garage also makes keeping your house clean much easier. People problem-solve in such creative ways!


This last one may seem a little different, but it’s actually a great idea.  Just like televisions can be added to a garage, if your internet connection is strong enough you can add a computer to space as well.  Creating an office in your garage can free up a room or portion of a room in your actual home.  On days when it’s nice outside, you can even feel like you’re working outdoors by putting the garage door up.  When it’s cool, leave the door down (hopefully it’s insulated) to keep the heat in and noise out.  

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If you are looking for more space in your home, I hope some of these options might work for you.  No matter how you decide to use your garage, make it your own and make it a place you are proud to show off. And when you’re ready to upgrade the functionality and aesthetics of your garage, give Dr. Door a call for the leading garage door service in Lancaster, OH!

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