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diagram showing where to find the serial number on a residential garage door opener

How To Find LiftMaster Opener Model and Serial Number

Are you having trouble finding your myQ, model number, and serial number on your LiftMaster Garage Door Opener? Tyler from Dr. Door is here to help! Follow these easy steps. How To Find Your LiftMaster myQ Get a ladder and place it under the right side of your garage door opener. Find the yellow cord hanging down; this is your antennae for the garage door remote. Hold that out of the way as you pull down the light cover on the right side of your opener. Behind this is your myQ number. You’ll need this to connect your phone to …

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how to lubricate garage doors

How To Lubricate a Garage Door

Updated on August 26, 2022 1:32 pm Tutorial From Dr. Door Tyler from Dr. Door coming is here to provide step-by-step tutorial on how to lubricate a garage door. Regularly lubricating your garage door is important to make sure parts run smoothly without grinding against each other or building up rust. This makes your garage door quieter and extends the life of your rollers, tracks, and springs. Follow these simple instructions to have your garage door running like new! Step 1: Purchase the Right Product Purchase a silicone-based spray lubricant; I like to use 3-In-One. You can purchase this at …

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program liftmaster remote

How To Program LiftMaster Remote

Tyler from Dr. Door here, ready to show you how to program your LiftMaster remote. With these easy steps, you can easily pair a new remote or troubleshoot the issue with your current remote or wall keypad.  Steps on How To Program a LiftMaster Remote Grab your LiftMaster remote and head to your wall station where the digital keypad is installed. This is typically by the door leading into your garage.  Hit Menu, and go down to Program. Hit the over arrow, go down to Remote, and hit the over arrow again. At this point, you’ll need your remote. Press …

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