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How to Care For Your Garage Door Cables

Garage Door Cables: The MVP of Your Garage Door System

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Garage door systems are complex, and each component plays a vital role in the overall performance of your garage door. Among those components are garage door cables, a major player in enabling your garage door’s safe and smooth function.

In this article, our Dr. Door team is spotlighting garage door cables. We’ll discuss:

  • The primary function of garage door cables  
  • How they impact other garage door parts
  • Common signs of wear and tear
  • Garage door cable maintenance
  • Safety considerations and when to call the experts

The Primary Function of Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables are located on either side of the garage door. Together with pulleys and drums, they offer smooth and balanced garage door operation. They also work closely with garage door springs to manage the garage door’s weight each time it opens and closes. 

Helping to evenly distribute tension and acting as a counterbalance to support the door’s weight makes them a valuable addition to the garage door system!

Types of Garage Door Cables

  • Standard Lift Cables – the most common cable type used in residential garage doors.
  • High Lift Cables – utilized with a high lift track system to maximize overhead space.
  • Low Headroom Cables – used in garages with low ceilings and limited overhead space.
  • Vertical Lift Cables – commonly used for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Extension Spring Cables – older products used in conjunction with extension springs.
  • Safety Cables – an additional set of cables installed to reduce the risk of injury or damage if a garage door spring breaks.
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How Garage Door Cables Affect Other Door Components

Garage door cables work closely with garage door springs, pulleys, drums, hinges, and rollers. If your cables are worn down, frayed, damaged, or completely broken, this can cause premature wear and tear on otherwise healthy door components.

For example, if a cable can’t effectively carry the garage door’s weight, the corresponding spring will try to overcompensate. This could lead to needing garage door spring repair, which would’ve been avoidable with ongoing proper care. 

How Garage Door Maintenance Improves Cable Longevity

The #1 way to keep your garage door cables in good health is to schedule garage door maintenance. Yearly garage door tune-ups benefit your entire garage door system, but well-maintained cables can make a noticeable difference in your door’s performance. 

During a maintenance appointment, one of our experienced technicians will:

  • Thoroughly inspect the garage door cables, pulleys, drums, and all related door parts
  • Clean any dirt or debris off the cables, tracks, and other door components
  • Lubricate moving parts, including cables, pulleys, drums, hinges, rollers, and springs
  • Test the cable’s tension and alignment and make any necessary adjustments

Signs You Need Garage Door Cable Repair

Even with annual maintenance, your garage door cables will eventually succumb to the demands of daily use. Extreme weather and the condition of other garage door components all impact the overall health of your cables. You’ll know it’s time for a cable repair or replacement when you notice the following:

  • Rust or corrosion on the cables
  • Visible cable fraying or unraveling
  • Uneven garage door movement
  • Jerky garage door movement
  • Loose cables with extra slack
  • Noisy garage door operation
  • Damaged drums or pulleys
  • Your garage door is stuck 
  • The garage door is misaligned
  • One side of the door opens faster

Our Dr. Door team is happy to inspect your garage door, diagnose any issues, and improve your door function with quality garage door repair near Lancaster, OH. Contact us!

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Safety Considerations – When to Call the Dr. Door Experts!

Handling garage door cables without the proper training and tools is extremely risky. These cables are under tremendous tension and hold the weight of the entire door. Performing a visual inspection for frayed, loose, or damaged cables is the extent of DIY cable care that our Dr. Door team recommends.

If you need a garage door cable repair, replacement, adjustment, or inspection, choose a local garage door company with 5-star customer ratings and proven high-quality garage door services. Choose Dr. Door!

We proudly serve residential customers near Lancaster, OH and nearby service areas with garage door installation and repair services you can trust. We’re here to answer your questions and keep your garage doors operating smoothly, starting with your garage door cables! Book an appointment with us today.